KCI Technologies, Inc. – (936 Ridgebrook Road)

KCI Technologies Inc. occupies the 120,000 sf four (4) story office building at 936 Ridgebrook Road in Sparks, Maryland.

Through the unified effort of our Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and construction team, the KCI headquarters has achieved GOLD certification by the U.S. Green Building Council.

The following is a sample of Green building practices incorporated into construction of the KCI building:

  • Reduced environmental transportation impact using indigenous resources (selecting extracting, harvesting, or manufacturing building materials within 500 miles of the project site);
  • Reduced harvesting of forests which can take decades to regenerate using recycled products and rapidly renewable resources such as bamboo and cork;
  • Reduced heat island effect (thermal gradient differences between developed and undeveloped areas) using reflective roof material and parking lot shading;
  • Reduced energy consumption using motion detectors to activate and deactivate interior lights;
  • Reduced light pollution by minimizing light trespass from the site onto adjacent property;
  • Reduced waste disposal diverting 75% of construction debris away from local landfills for future production of recylcled products;
  • Reduced or elimination of artificial watering using native plant materials;
  • Reduced need for artificial light by increasing natural light throughout the building;
  • Reduced chemical and pollutant emissions eliminating carpet adhesives, using low VOC paints, etc.;
  • Increased HVAC efficiency using computerized programming and controls;
  • Increased open space exceeding requirements of open space to development footprint ratio;
  • Increased water efficiency using low flow devices;
  • Recycled metal, concrete, brick, gypsum board, and cardboard waste into new products;
  • Fundamental and enhanced commissioning ensure the building’s energy related systems installed, calibrated, and optimized for peak performance; and
  • Environmentally sensitive construction materials save energy, preserve natural resources, and reflect, rather than absorb sunlight and heat.

KCI’s interior fitout, designed by PLDA, Inc. includes a lobby waterfall feature, project display area, and custom reception desk on the first floor. Each floor contains a kitchenette, copy area, and tastefully decorated restrooms. In addition to ABC Imaging, a reprographic and digital print service, the lower level includes archive storage, an employee gym, and locker rooms.

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